Valentino Prizzi,

Born in 1984

It was the white walls in my childhood bedroom that stimulated me to start painting. They were huge, almost endless surfaces that opened up a vast expanse for me and my crayons. My parents? They granted me freedom, even encouraged me to draw - and this gave me a passion for shapes and colours.


Soon after I moved away from the suburbs to the heart of the vibrant city of Zürich, in my early 30s, I felt the urge to express myself again with paintbrush and colours. As an individualist myself, I also discern a distinct personality and uniqueness in each person. I look for that something which sets them apart from everyone else. I want to express it in my art.

On my many journeys of discovery, Pop Art has consistently returned to the centre of my admiration. For example, how Andy Warhol fashioned a simple soup can. Or the way that Jean Michel Basquiat uses fine, almost childlike lines and surfaces to create compositional fireworks. This style has fundamentally influenced my works.


During my career as an artist, I have been fascinated by abstract expressionism. I love the idea of gradually reducing a painting - through playful application of colour, or working with different media, and the combination of bold and fine strokes. All this – just to trigger emotions. I feel challenged by letting go of control. And I sense a great feeling of freedom.


The portrait of a person, or the display of an object as a unique icon is at the heart and core of my art. I apply a mixed technique of colours on canvas, here some bold lines, there in soft tones, and this is how I express emotions. Emotions that give the depicted person or object a new sensuality. 


This is how I would like to transform. This is how I want to inspire.



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Swiss Art Expo 2020, Zürich, 2020



Kunst im West Gallery, Zürich, 2019

Haut.Venen.Allergie. Zentrum Brunnehof, Uster, 2019



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