Which themes are possible? 

There are virtually no limits to your selection of an appropriate theme or subject. You are welcome to send me one or more photos and I will use them to compile one or two designs according to your wishes. I will begin painting your artwork only after you are certain that the design meets your expectations.

What materials are possible?
You decide on the size of your picture and the painting technique, and I will be pleased to advise you on the most suitable materials. The following are possible: acrylic paint, oil paint, varnishes, and spray paint. The works can be painted on canvas, wood or as a wall painting.
There are different ways to give your artwork a finishing touch: either in gloss, matt, or with epoxy resin.

What information do I need when you request an offer?

It would be useful to know the desired size of the painting and a short description of what you would like to have in your painting. If you have already chosen a theme or subject, please send it to me by email and then I will put a first draft together based on your information.

What is the delivery time?


The delivery time depends on the complexity, time and effort of fulfilling your order, and also how long it takes for the desired materials to dry. The delivery time for a portrait, which takes more time, is about three to four weeks, so the waiting time is 20 to 30 days, plus shipping time.

Your painting will be insured and can be shipped anywhere worldwide. 

When do I pay for the commissioned painting?

You will be asked to pay 50% of the agreed price when you confirm your order. After that I will start completing it. I will send you photos of your individual artwork during and after the painting process. If it meets your expectations, the remaining 50% will be charged. If not, the initial 50% of the agreed purchase price will remain with the artist as compensation for the outlay of materials, time and effort.

How should I pay for the painting?

I will send you an invoice and then you can transfer the amount directly via an online bank transfer, or in cash, by PayPal, or TWINT.

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